Banquet Hall Lighting System

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System Introduction

The design of the hall lighting system is based on the standards and requirements of the high grade ballroom, we have integrated the current domestic and foreign characteristics of such systems and design, the entire system has a good advanced, practical, high stability and good compatibility and scalability characteristics, ITC after careful thinking, well-designed, System made this set of scientific, rigorous project, the main plan of the ITC independent research and development of lighting equipment, mainly selected professional led film and television stage lights, shaking head computer lights, shaking beam lights, laser lights, chasing light and so on. The configuration of the whole system ensures the stability and security of the system as well as the high performance index, and the system has high technology leading and scalability.


1, advanced-equipment used by the products are the leading domestic level of equipment.

2, practicality-to meet the main job needs and have other comprehensive functions.

3, high stability-equipment used in the product even in bad conditions can be long-term security work.

4, good compatibility-equipment products can be compatible with other equipment in the case of safe and stable work.

5. Scalability-When configuring a device, you have considered future system upgrades and maintenance reservations.

Applicable Scenarios

Banquet hall, Star Hotel, Studio, Multi-function Hall