77 Series Network IP Based PA System Solution for Supermarket

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Price list

Product Name


Mixer Pre-amplifier


PA Microphone


CD/MP3 Player with AM/FM Tuner


IP Network Active Speaker


IP PA & Intercom Paging Consoles


Alarm&Emergency Intercom Terminal


IP network adapter (rack-band amplifier)

T-77350 T-77500

6W Ceiling speaker


One key for help intercom terminal


System Features

* In the control center, security room, service desk and other places set paging microphone T-7702A, they can broadcast voice message from different areas to whole supermarket or individual areas; built in fire alarm signal receiving terminal T-7723 can receive 16 road fire alarm signal, and trigger the fire alarm chiming, to play the fire voice information to the corresponding partition automatically;

* Built in One key for help intercom terminal T-7703 at Cashier, Entrance & Exit, its convenient to ask help and talk to security center when emergency;

* Use high integrated Network IP Amplifier T-77350 and T-77500, could supports connect with speaker at 500W, and Amplifier can be expanded according to area size and paging of supermarket;

* Built in CD/MP3 Player T-2221, cooperate with 77 series system, to play background music and promotion message to different paging in market; also IP Network active speaker T-7707 can monitor every terminal.