T-7705A Economic wall mounted IP terminal (with Constant impedance amplifier)

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It is widely used in schools, office buildings, convention centers, alarm centers, railway stations and so on. Based on network digital transmission, it can realize the functions of BGM broadcast, timing ringing task, sound source collection, one-way paging, and so on.


*  Wall-mounted design, compact size, aluminum alloy integrated structure design, exquisite and beautiful.

*  The equipment is designed with embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology.

*  The built-in network IP decoding module can play network music and do one-way paging in real time. The network delay time of acquisition, playback and one-way call function in the system is less than 100 ms.

*  With 4.3-inch TFT true color LCD display, , support to synchronize the server time.

*  Support the setting of lock screen for terminal display screen. The lock screen time can be customized.

*  It has infrared remote control function.

*  Through the infrared remote controller, it can realize viewing local information, viewing playback status, adjusting AUX and network volume, broadcasting on demand of the files in media library of the server or audio files in the device connected into USB interface devices.

*  Support play on demand function, realizes the real-time on demand function of network media library, Support the operation of the previous/next song, cyclic playback and other functions.

*  The equipment comes with two 65*5mm grinding light guide bars, which can be set to light red or blue indicator lights regularly (flicker can be set, flicker interval can be customized), and can be used for auxiliary prompts when ringing bells in class or after class.

*  Built-in 2 x 30W constant resistance power amplifier,  can connect external speaker. The sound quality is very delicate and the power is strong. It has network volume setting function.

*  With 1-channel line input interface and 1-channel line output interface, suitable for local broadcasting.

*  Support to expand with 2.4G wireless audio module and realize 2.4G wireless microphone for local broadcasting;

*  Expandable connection with Bluetooth receiver to receive Bluetooth audio for local broadcasting

*  It has a one-channel USB input interface, which is suitable for local broadcasting on demand. It Support to play the local files in the devices connected into the USB interface under network disconnected condition

*  It has a docking interface of voice control box to support the expansion of the voice control box equipment to achieve AUX volume control and network volume control.

*  3-level priority functions:

1. The network alarm signal is prior to the network background music signal and the local AUX input signal.

2. Network background music signal is prior to local USB playback.

3. Network background music signal or local USB playback is at the same level as the local AUX input signal, can be mixed output.

*  Compatible with any network structure such as router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.

*  Digital products, easy to expand, not limited by geographical location, no need to add management equipment, the use of common network without line construction design concept, easy installation.

*  Support the broadcasting system to upgrade the terminal hardware remotely, no need to upgrade the terminal locally, and reduce the maintenance work.





Network Interface

Standard RJ45 input

Support Protocol


Audio Format


Sampling Rate


Transmission Speed


Audio Mode

16-bit CD sound quality

Display Size

4.3 inches

Panel Type

TFT True Color LCD Display

Operational Mode

infrared remote control

Remote Control Distance

Less than 8 meters, straight line, barrier-free

Total Gear Wave Distortion


Frequency Response

80Hz~16KHz  +1/-3dB



AUX Input Sensitivity

350 mV industrial standard crimping terminal

LINE OUT Output Sensitivity





Working Temperature


Working Humidity

20%-80% relative humidity, no condensation

Input Power Supply

190V-240V 50Hz-60Hz,  Power adapter DC24V/1.5A

Power Waste




Net Weight