TS-0370HY Interpreter Unit

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* Original clock synchronization and transmission technology, audio delay is less than 5ms, sampling rate 48K uncompressed audio transmission. The Cat5e shield cable ensures reliable transmission of conference information and perfect sound quality in long distance.

* Support 5-band EQ adjustment function. Different sound effects can be adjusted according to the voice characteristics of the speaker until the perfect effect is achieved.

* 7-inch touch color screen, delicate UI interface;

* Knob type plug microphone pole, dual color indicator light, red light indicates speaking;

* With internal magnetic speaker, earphone jack and volume adjustment knob;

* Support headphone and microphone pickup;

* The language of each channel can be preset at will.

* It has the functions of direct interpretation and indirect interpretation; when the translator cannot understand the speaker’s language, they can perform a second interpretation by monitoring the interpretation of other translators.

* Support short message function, it can receive information sent from the background.

* With the tea application function. You can apply for tea through the button.

* With HELP function. When translators need help, they can initiate a help application to the PC.

* With cough elimination function. When the translator coughs, it can MUTE the coughing sound.

* When the speaking speed is too fast, you can press the request button (SLOW) to ask the speaker to slow down.

* With speech timekeeping function. Translators can be timed in real time after starting work (billed by time)

* A maximum of 63 languages can be translated at the same time, and a maximum of 6 interpreter units can be installed in one translator room

* 3 fast inputs channel can be preset, which have corresponding shortcut keys (a/b/c)

* With input channel selection button, you can easily select among all input language channels

* 3 fast outputs channel can be preset, which have corresponding shortcut keys (A/B/C)

* With output channel selection buttons, you can easily select language from all the language output channels.

* With interlock mode. If one unit microphone in this interpretation room is open, the other interpreter unit microphones cannot be turned on to ensure consistency between the channel and the language.

* With preemption mode. The same channel of different interpreter units in the same room can be preempted, and the interpreter unit occupying the channel can be closed at the same time. If different channels preempt, a warning will be prompted.




Microphone type

Cardioid electret

Frequency response


Microphone input impedance



-41±1.5dB (0dB=1V/Pa,at 1KHz)



Dynamic range




Maximum power consumption


Power supply

Aviation connector power supply/DC 36V power supply



Display screen

7 inch resistive touch screen

Dimension (LxWxH)

268*160.83*70mm(excluding the length of the microphone pole)

Microphone rod length




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