TS-610P /TS-612P /TS-615P Active Professional Speaker

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Work With, pre-effect processor together, formed a set of perfect sound, vocal performance outstanding ,high-end entertainment meeting sound-reinforcement system, suitable for luxury meeting rooms and multi-function hall and other places for use.

Product Description

* Adopt 1x mid-bass unit and 1x Circular polyethylene diaphragm compressive tweeter unit.

* The box is made of 15mm birch, light weight, The surface is treated with high-grade transparent paint, and with Anti-dust mesh cotton.

*Frequency divider in precise design is used to optimize power response and MF vocal performance.

* The full range is equipped with high efficiency power amplifier module, work with powerful DSP audio processor, can set a comprehensive parameter according to different applications of the system. And equipped with 6 parameter equalization, with frequency, delay, limiting function

* Multiple screw installing holes, a 35 mm diameter plunger socket, a variety of installation methods.