T-17800 IP network controller

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The IP network digital broadcasting server is equipped with the Luna cloud platform voice broadcasting system software and it is the control center of the broadcasting system. It is installed in the main control room to manage the entire broadcast system in real time. B/S platform operating system architecture, support LAN and WAN transmission (cross-network segment, cross-route), can be deployed anywhere in the network, support any operating system and any browser for remote access to log in; The server is the core of the system operation, supports the operation of each audio terminal, can manage up to 300 terminal devices, and supports up to 150 sets of differentiated real-time tasks; It is responsible for audio stream transmission management and responding to audio terminal playback requests and audio full-duplex exchange, with the functions of terminal management, user management, program playback management, audio file management, recording storage, internal communication scheduling and so on; Manage program library resources to provide scheduled playback and real-time on-demand media services for all audio.


* The industrial-grade cabinet type 1U chassis has a stable structure, excellent electromagnetic interference resistance and radiation resistance, and meets EMC design standards.

* Industrial-grade dedicated motherboard design, dual-core two-threaded ultra-low-power embedded industrial-grade processor, faster processing, more powerful performance, and can work continuously for a long time.

* Built-in high-capacity 1TB-SATA interface, support enterprise-class hard disk HDD-2TB × 2.

* As a core operating platform, the server-level system (Linux system) is open, easy to extend development, upgrade, and has excellent network support, open source, high security, strong compatibility, and protects the system from virus interference and damage.

* Unified management of all audio terminals in the system, including paging microphones, intercom terminals, broadcast terminals and fire interface devices.

* Support audio terminal full-duplex real-time two-way call, support one-key help, one-key broadcast, one-key monitoring, conference mode, simultaneous dialing and other call modes, support time policy and transfer policy customization settings, support call time limit hang up, mute Automatically hang up, meeting waiting time customization function.

* The system supports up to 128 multi-party simultaneous calls to participate in the conference discussion mode.

* Establish a program resource library, respond to the audio terminal program playback requirements, support multiple program libraries to be established at the same time, support the program library channel establishment, and the terminal can broadcast the program on the remote channel.

* Programming timed tasks, support timing offline file playback, recording, music file playback, channel broadcast and other programming options, support programming multiple sets of timing schemes, support any optional execution terminal.

* Support terminal partition management function, custom partition terminal, support for selecting the broadcast number and dialing function of partition number, such as conference mode, and customer service mode.

* Support terminal broadcast, intercom, monitor, emergency fire recording, recording area, recording time can be set arbitrarily, support timing recording and time-phase recording function.

* Supports fire-fighting broadcast, terminal disassembly, terminal online, terminal offline, sound pressure detection and other linkage trigger types, trigger tasks include short-circuit output, mail transmission, SMS transmission, recording, pop-up prompts, terminal program playback and other functions.

* Support user-defined audio stream and network bandwidth occupancy; support up to 768Kbps stream to meet high-quality audio playback requirements, and support minimum 8Kbps stream to solve the problem of insufficient network resources.

* Multiple management accounts and operation accounts can be established at the same time, supporting the number of management terminals, terminal function rights, account operation authority settings, and enabling and disabling user functions.

* Support VOIP phone access.

* Supports 9-level session priority setting, supports one-key  session level dragging, and dragging takes effect immediately.

* Support terminal custom settings for music, intercom, broadcast, fire and other digital volume and EMC, LINE, headphones, amplifier, monitor, external and other analog volume.

* Support audio terminal external control power management, support timing open and delay off, time can be set arbitrarily.

* Terminals such as computers, smart phones, and tablets do not need to install any user programs, log in to the system through a browser, and have a new human-computer interaction interface that supports 3D dynamic drag and drop operations and real-time data push.

* With integrated AirPlay wireless technology, all AirPlay-enabled mobile phones and tablets can be accessed for unmatched ease of use.

* The software supports embedded development of third-party platforms to integrate with other system platforms (such as building guest systems, surveillance video systems, etc.), and provides standard documentation and DEMO programs for HTTP interfaces for third-party development.

* The system has a strong backup mechanism, and seamless switching can be achieved when the primary server fails, so that it can be foolproof.

* Standard dual network interface, support for exchange expansion mode and redundant backup mode, full-speed connection up to 1000M, support cross-network segment and cross-route mode.

* Support primary and secondary server mode applications, secondary server as a hosted application, support NTP (time) server calibration time with GPS.

* Support the management of the broadcasting system through the mobile APP.

* Support audio terminal intercom, broadcast, conference initiator and receiver tone settings.

* Support remote automatic upgrade of server system and terminal firmware, support data backup import and export, support one-key recovery factory settings.

* Support system log record, support real-time display of server running status graph.

* Support engineering information records for easy maintenance and inspection.

* Support administrator web log-in broadcast system to import any project plan or map, add terminal icon to the corresponding location, graphically display the status of the terminal, and can intercom or monitor the terminal, which can be output to LCD TV or large On the display device such as the screen, the monitoring personnel are given real-time monitoring of the operating state of the terminal, and is adapted to the application of a large-scale monitoring broadcast project.





ASUS H310T motherboard - DDR4-32G, support 

remote management; support Raid0, 1, 5, 10.

Hard disk

Seagate-ST1000DM010-1TB-SATA interface; 

support for maximum 16T storage capacity


Memory stick Kingston-HX421S13IB/4 (the 

capacity will continue to increase due to 

continuous product upgrades)

Network card

Realtek RTL8103EL, 1000M. Dual network card; 

Realtek RTL8103EL, 1000M



System audio signal sensitivity

MIC IN: 280mV

System audio signal SNR


System audio signal standard 


output level


System audio signal distortion

1KHz <0.5%

Input power

DC 19V

Power consumption

500W industrial server power supply


100,000 hours

Hardware detection

Fault/error/overload and alarm (including disk/

RAID/power/fan/temperature/IO performance.)

Working temperature


Working environment humidity

20% to 80% relative humidity, no condensation


550×440×44 mm



Standard interface

Built-in 6 3.0USB ports, 1 MIC IN port, 

1 LINE OUT port; 1 HDMI port, 1 COM port

Software system platform