T-7710 IP Network Emergency Intercom Terminal- with LED Screen / Warning Light

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Professional outdoor one-click help network intercom terminal is designed for safe city, large park, tunnel, mine and other places. And it can be used to broadcast and play background music.


* Metal shell with piano paint process, stable and durable. Can be fixed on the outdoor vertical pole.

* The device is designed with embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology.

* Built-in 1 channel network hardware audio decoding module. Support TCP/IP, UDP protocol. Realize networked transmission of 16-bit CD sound quality audio signal.

* Built-in voice intercom call module. Support full-duplex voice intercom and call with high-performance DSP audio processing. Support for digital echo cancellation, audio compression.

* With high-brightness, wide-screen LED display, clear for various information.

* Built-in 5W high-fidelity full-frequency speaker. The call sound is clear and loud. Built-in 50W digital impedance power amplifier. can  connect  impedance column , which is suitable for outdoor amplification requirements.

* Built-in high-sensitivity microphone supports hands-free calling and custom answering mode. With wide sound collection area and high tone reproduction.

* Built-in monitoring function supports for service level recording management. Built-in audio signal line output can be connected to the monitoring system.

* With one short circuit input and one short circuit output terminal, the short circuit input is suitable for the linkage signal data acquisition in tunnels and other places; the short circuit output is suitable for the security city surveillance video linkage.

* With energy-saving management switch. The digital power supply is into energy-saving mode when there is no broadcast or help signal.

* One DC24V power output for external power supply.

* Support custom call target, fast one-click call, one-click help.

* Support multiple call strategies including call forwarding and no-answer reminders.

* Support transfer time and ring time customization.

* Support preset quick play program library and network remote trigger program broadcast.

* Support custom hang mode, optional active or passive hang mode.

* The overall use of steel casing and anti-removing screws, anti-acupuncture.

* Support any network structure such as router, switch, bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G.

* Digital products is easy to expand and not limited by geographical location. There is no need to increase the machine room management equipment. It adopts the common network free line construction design concept, which is easy to install.

* Customizable 24V DC power supply, can use outdoor solar battery power supply.




Network Interface

Standard RJ45 input 

Supporting protocol


Audio format 


Sampling Rate


Transmission rate 


Audio mode

16-bit CD sound quality 

Output frequency

80Hz ~ 16KHz

Harmonic distortion 




Environmental temperature

-20℃ ~ 60

Environmental humidity 

20% to 80% relative humidity, no condensation

Power consumption


Protection level


Input power

~220V 50Hz