TS-P840 Audio processor

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A high-performance, multi-audio processing technology with 8 channels of input and 4 output digital audio processors, using DSP audio processing technology to provide users with superior sound quality; built-in feedback suppression, echo cancellation, noise cancellation, etc. , restore high quality sound. It is mainly used in medium and large-scale places, and can meet various application requirements such as remote video conferences, stadiums, conference centers, auditoriums, banquet halls, exhibition halls, multimedia conferences, command centers and other public sound reinforcement systems.


* Input per channel: 8-way balanced microphone/line, with bare wire interface terminals, balanced connection.

* Output per channel: 4 balanced line output, using bare wire interface terminals, balanced connection.

* Provide excellent high quality sound of 24bit/48KHz.

* Full-featured matrix mixing, providing users with flexible and simple signal routing operations, routing paths and levels can be done on a single button.

* The panel has a USB interface, supports multimedia storage, can be played or stored and recorded.

* Configure a bidirectional RS-232 interface that can be used to control external devices.

* Configure the RS-485 interface to achieve automatic camera tracking.

* Configure 8-channel programmable GPIO control interface (customizable input and output).

* Support power-off automatic protection memory function.

* Support channel copy, paste, and joint control functions.

* Enternet multi-purpose data transmission and control port, can support real-time management of single and multiple devices.

* Support access to the device through the browser, download the own management control software; software interface is intuitive, graphical, can work in XP/Windows7, 8, 10 and other system environments.

* Support iOS, iPad, Android mobile phone / tablet APP for operational control.