TS-F156MT Paperless Integrated Lifter (paperless ultra-thin 15.6-inch capacitive LCD screen with microphone lifter, intelligent elevation adjustable 30 degrees)

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 The product adopts intelligent control technology, taking intelligent terminal as application concept, adopting original guide rail design. One key operation can automatically complete starting, LCD screen up, elevation and other actions, beautiful desktop, space-saving as the purpose, easy to use. With anti-theft, anti-dust, beautify desktop and other function. It can be widely used in conference, office hotel, teaching studio and other occasion, to meet the customer systems development diversity, and office automation environment demand. It is one ideal assistant of your office and teaching.


* touch ultra-thin HD display and lifter integrated design, no exposed cable, no connection backplane, no exposed screws, ensure a nice overall appearance of touch display screen.

* Built in an elevating microphone, microphone up and down with automatic straightening function, when MIC bending, it will be automatically straightening when machine close, won’t be damaged.

* Equipment use all-aluminum structure, high-quality aluminum with CNC carved processing, display frame and chassis are made of aluminum alloy, to make equipment refined, lightweight, beautiful.

* Equipment surface treatment is anodized, bright color.

* Equipment panel thickness of only 3mm, width of only 70mm, small footprint.

* Adopt imported steel wire, cooperated with high precision guide rail and linear bearing, AC geared motor as driving force, reduce noise to minimum.

* 15.6-inch ultra-thin LCD touch screen display, resolution up to 1920*1080P, clear and bright display, adjustable backlight design, to prevent fatigue caused by too bright or too dark.

* Support HDMI and VGA two channel signal input, when there is only one signal input, the screen will automatically recognize this signal, when these two signal input at the same time, can be manually switched from panel key, when no signal input, the screen will automatically enter into power saving mode.

* The device can be centrally controlled through central control software, can be controlled by the host computer, one key can make all device in the room go up or down.

* Built-in loop-through output power outlet, can power supply to the terminal to reduce terminal power outlet wiring, make project site wiring more neat and beautiful.

Product Model TS-F156MT
Power Supply >25W
Display Thickness AC 220V 50-60/HZ
Brightness 9.7mm
Viewing Angle AC 220V 50-60/HZ
Touch Screen Support
Lifting Time 28S
Elevation Angle 0-30° Fully comply with ergonomic, without blocking view and face
Panel Dimension 388×21.5mm
Chassis Dimension 555×70×3mm
Lifter Window Size 539×60mm(suggest physical device with hole)
Desktop Hole Size 555×70×3mm (L×W×T) (suggest physical device with hole)
Panel Sink Size -20℃~50℃, related humidity ≤70%
Screen Size 1920×1080
Environmental Condition 16:9
Screen Ratio VGA, HDMI
Screen Resolution WLED,15K hours, with LED driver
Backlight Type 300cd/㎡
Video Interface 600:1
Contrast 45/45/20/40(Typ.)
Loop Through Output Power 11Kg
Power Consumption TS-F156MT
Total Weight Support