TS-8300A Paperless Multimedia Conference Management Platform

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Embedded software: intelligent paperless conference management server software V2.0


Paperless conference control host is responsible for handling the conference function module, conference theme, participant information, conference topics, voting content and other pre-conference information, with the meeting file information upload and share, personnel rights management settings, conference information Real-time recording and other application functions.


1. Running Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, the system is reliable and stable, providing management, control, data interaction, and service functions for paperless multimedia conferencing systems.

2. Supports remote login web management with B/S and C/S hybrid architecture; multiple conference rooms can be managed simultaneously on the same web interface (you can open, refresh, end conferences, and view conference details on the same interface).

3. Support for adding multiple conference rooms, and correspondingly adding different terminals, supporting single or multiple simultaneous elevator control/switch control of the terminal.

4. Support the central control system docking, realize the central control system control paperless system unified start-up, shutdown, control lifter unified lifting.

5. Support user management functions, add, import, modify, delete users, support grouping users, support the establishment of user organization structure, and use the organizational structure to filter users when adding users.

6. Supports different rights management modes, including system administrators, conference secretaries, and general users. Meetings created by different meeting secretaries are kept secret, and system administrators have the authority to manage all meetings.

7. Support for setting the permissions of participants.

8. Supports unified configuration management of the server, including common server, streaming media server, and file server; configures detailed information such as name, ID, network address, and remarks;

9. Supports unified configuration management of terminal devices and configures detailed information such as name, ID, network address, and remarks;

10. Support for creating multiple conference templates, conference managers can edit templates for quick conference creation.

11. Support to create (and modify, delete, view) multiple sessions, add different users to different conferences and set different roles (chairperson, secretary, general participants), can open, end, refresh, etc. the conference;

12. Support queries or quick recovery of historical meetings;

13. Support to create (and modify, delete, view) multiple meeting slogans, and you can switch meeting slogans at any time to facilitate the convening of different agenda items.

14. Support to create (and modify, delete, view) meeting agendas and create support for uploading attachments;

15. Support to create (and modify, delete, view) multiple conference topics, and open and end management functions for topics, and upload multiple attachment files independently for each topic;

16. Support for adding various types of video files, users can view them on the client side freely, and can preview in the management background.

17. Supports adding rtmp/rtsp format live stream, which users can view on the terminal.

18. Supports receiving files uploaded by the U disk of the storage terminal and distributing them to the corresponding participants according to the needs of the meeting.

19. Support uploading other temporary meeting materials to the server, which is convenient for each client to download and share;

20. Supports independent setting of the viewing rights of uploaded and imported files. If the participant does not have permission to view, the terminal will automatically block the display of this file.

21. Support unified central control operation in the conference, switch the welcome page, conference information, display name, conference slogan, etc. to the terminal, support unified elevator control, unified power on/off, and support shutdown control of the server and streaming server.

22. Support to create (and modify, delete, view) multiple voting items, enable and stop voting operations; voting mode has voting, multi-mode, custom mode, single-select, multi-select operation; support real-time viewing of voting results and after the meeting Statistics and query history voting records.

23. Support voting template import, support vote countdown, set voting pass rate, increase voting notes; support voting results in real-time screen display with histogram.

24. Support the pre-meeting simulation meeting room to rank the participants and export the ranking map.

25. In the meeting, the conference service information is received and processed in time; the conference logistics service APP is supported, and the instant demand of the conference room can be received through the mobile phone or the tablet, and the logistics support is more convenient and convenient.

26. System notifications can be made or communicated with single or multiple participants.

27. The system server is supported to perform remote firmware upgrades on the terminal. It is not necessary to upgrade the terminal locally, which reduces the work intensity of maintenance personnel.

28. Support background viewing of historical meeting data.

29. Supports viewing and managing the check-in status of the terminal, implementing the check-in status of the conference, and supporting the sign-in screen.

30. Supports receiving files uploaded by the U disk of the storage terminal and distributing them to the corresponding participants according to the needs of the meeting.

Paperless multimedia conference management software interface

Product Model TS-8300A
Hard Disk 2TB Seagate Enterprise Hard Drive
CPU Xeon E3-1230v5 (4 cores, 3.4GHz)
Others 1 serial port, 6 USB ports (4 USB ports on the rear, 2 USB ports on the front)
Disk Array Support RAID 0,1,5,10
Network card 4 Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, support port aggregation; 1 remote port
Case 1U Rack type
Dimension 660×430×43.5 (mm)
operating system Pre-installed Windows Server 2008 R2, without genuine activation
Environmental Condition Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C; relative humidity: ≤ 75%
Video output 1 VGA interface