TS-8304B1 Interactive Paperless Conference Terminal

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Embedded software: interactive multimedia paperless conference terminal embedded software V2.0


The multimedia conference terminal works to process meeting file transmission and distribution, meeting file reading and file annotating, signing in of the participants, voting, electronic whiteboard, electronic nameplate, communication between participants, video signal interconnection, meeting management and control, screen broadcast, etc. It is applicable to all kinds of high-end meeting places, like government meeting rooms, business conference rooms, meeting rooms of enterprises, etc.


1. Support the conference information display page, you can directly view the conference agenda, conference introduction and other information.

2. Can read a variety of file formats, including the common format doc / docx / xls / xlsx / ppt / pptx / pdf / html /htm, etc., support permissions, participants can only see the file with permissions.

3. Through the U disk, browse files or upload and share other participants. The files can be saved on the server and local.

4. Support single whiteboard or multiple people sharing the same artboard at the same time.

5. Support real-time meeting and communication with one or more people.

6. You can hand-write any page and upload the comments to the server for archiving after the meeting.

7. Support screen free sharing, any participant can broadcast the screen in the conference to share the local screen to other participants, support cross-platform (support windows / Android) broadcast.

8. Participants can browse the exit broadcast screen asynchronously and freely use other functions of the terminal.

9. Switchable paperless terminal is used for ordinary computers.

10. Conference services can be called during the meeting. Options include tea, pen, paper, etc., and can also customize the input service requirements;

11. Supporting the connection with the conference service APP, the logistics personnel can receive and process the service information sent by different conference rooms anytime and anywhere.12. Built-in browser, support browsing Ethernet network, access to OA, mailbox, etc.

13. Supports any on-demand video on the server, supports live streaming of live video, and displays video in full screen.

14. The meeting notes can be recorded at any time during the meeting and saved to the server for download to support local download.

15. The chairperson's authority or the secretary's authority can start or check-in the conference check-in, and check the current status. You can screen the check-in situation.

16. Chairman's authority or secretarial authority can be used to switch between different conference topics.

17. Chairman's authority or secretarial authority can activate, end, and view statistical results for voting at the meeting; support voting countdown, increase voting notes; support voting results in real-time screen display with histogram.

18. Chairman's authority or secretarial authority can broadcast any participant's local screen to all participants, or end the sharing screen of any participant.

19. Support the same screen function of the group. The chairman authority or secretary authority can specify the screen of one terminal to broadcast to one or several other target terminals, support 4 different terminals to concurrently broadcast; and can choose to send to the big screen, support Group the same screen to synchronize to the large screen function.

20. Chairman's authority or secretarial authority can control the display of welcome page, meeting information, display name, meeting slogan, etc., and support unified elevator control, unified switch machine.

21. Chairman or secretarial authority can control different slogans to switch to large screen and client.

22. Chairman or secretary authority can control the server to shut down, without having to manually shut down the server to the server room.

23. Support the account password login function, can automatically log in to the default conference, and can choose to participate in the desired conference.

24. The terminal has strong security features, and exiting the software will automatically clear the meeting files.

25. Support the terminal configuration program to facilitate the site management personnel to configure the terminal.

Specification :

Product Model TS-8304B1
Hard drive capacity 128GB SSD
CPU Seven generations of Core I5 quad core 3GHz
RAM DDR4 2133 8GB
Working environment Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C; relative humidity: 0% ~ 95%, no condensation
Standard interface 4×USB (3.0/2.0), 1×HDMI, 1×VGA, 1×LAN, 1×MIC-IN port, 1×LINE-OUT port, 1×DC port, 1×COM port
Network card 1 x Gigabit LAN, RJ45 interface
Power consumption 65W
Operating system Pre-installed Windows 7 Professional, without genuine activation
Working power supply DC 18.5V/6.7A
Size (W × H × D) 60×190×215mm
Weight 1.1Kg
Colour black