ITC LED HD screen successfully applied to Elle-Beauty Foshan Times Cloud Store

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Project background


In 1989, in the historical and cultural city of Foshan, riding on the general trend of reform and the spring breeze of development, Guangdong Elle-Beauty came into being. After 28 years of honest management and striving to make the best, Elle-Beauty has become a high-end beauty chain brand in China. There are nearly 70 “Elle-Beauty” chain stores in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan and other Pearl River delta regions. In addition, the company also owns 3 Elizabeth beauty training schools and 6 large-scale fitness clubs with nearly 3,000 employees

Requirements & Solution


In 2018, Elle-Beauty Beauty Training School moved to Foshan Times Cloud. This is another milestone for Elle-Beauty over the past 30 years, marking Yili Hui to a new level. In order to create a more comfortable and high-end consumer experience place for the customers of the new store, and create a more professional working environment for the beauty salon staff, Elle-Beauty strives to install large LED screen for the new store that can playing the enterprise propaganda films full of positive energy, as well as facilitating enterprises to hold various entertainment activities. Given this, ITC specially designed a set of LED screen solution to meet the needs.

Solution Description


In this project, a total of three LED HD screens have been applied, which are respectively used in the hall of the first floor, the corridor of the second floor and the large conference room of the fifth floor in Elle-Beauty store. The screen can be satisfied with the Elle-Beauty play all kinds of video, advertising, etc., and used in play corporate videos circularly, so that customers can quickly understand the company's corporate culture and understand more clearly about the range and the professionalism of services that the Beauty Salon can provide for them.

Features of LED HD display large screen


1. Seamless Splicing: Completely seamless splicing, splicing without visual black seams.

2. Screen Correction: Gamma correction technology, which can realize the point-by-point brightness color correction.

3. Intelligent light control: Intelligent adjustment of brightness, improved the comfort of the screen, more energy-saving.

4. Ultra-Large viewing angle: With an ultra-wide view angle, the display has a larger visual range, and the view from any angle is still clear.

5. Ultra-High refresh rate: Ultra High refresh speed, screen, better continuity, more smooth.

6. Gray scale: Under low-brightness, Gray scale still maintains, with excellent and realistic picture quality.

7. Ultra High Definition: Unique image quality enhancement technology, effectively improve image clarity, high-speed picture still smooth without dragging.

8. 3D: Integrate functions such as 3D, touch screen and interactive somatosensory games to improve entertainment and interaction.


The large screen applied at the second floor of the store meets the needs of Elle-Beauty to present the latest corporate information of the store, such as: performance icons, job notifications, work distribution, etc., which can enable customers and employees to timely understand the work situation and tasks. The large screen used in the large conference room on the fifth floor is to meet the needs of daily large-scale activities, training courses, playing leisure movies, birthday parties, daily meetings, and entertainment activities, etc.

Installed pictures


Customer  Feedback

1. The engineer works conscientiously and responsibly. Before commencement of construction, he will fully communicate with the customer and deeply understand the customer's needs. He also accepts the supervision of customers at any time during the commencement of construction, and satisfies the actual needs of customers with professional service attitude.

2. The product can meet the daily work needs of the company. The visual effect of the corporate videos is very good and very clear.

3. The LED HD screen has a very high grade screen with high brightness and a large view Angle, which greatly improves the environment style of the store.