Professional Sound System for Theater

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According to the on-site environment of the theater and the layout of speakers, and according to the national hall sound reinforcement standard, through ease4 3/EASE4. 4 acoustic simulation software to simulate the on-site electroacoustic. Ensure that the sound reinforcement of the theater meets the functional requirements of the performance.

According to the on-site environment and the functional requirements of customers, with reference to the national hall sound reinforcement standard, it is designed according to the first-class sound pressure level standard of the theater ≥ 106db, and the speaker adopts the mixed installation mode.


Design of main loudspeaker, middle loudspeaker, pull audio-visual loudspeaker and subwoofer.


Design of mobile return speaker on stage, mobile return speaker in music pool, lip speaker and surround speaker (auxiliary speaker).


For places such as theatres, the requirements for architectural acoustics are very high. It is not only necessary to solve the problems of echo, sound focusing and unclear sound, but also to meet the reverberation time requirements of theater RT ≈ 1s. At the same time, consider the sound absorption and reflection of seats, walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Ensure that the direct sound and early reflected sound on each seat are relatively uniform. Professional architectural acoustics manufacturers are generally required to design. Here are some simple recommendations:


New Arrival


High-end line array KS-210

Beam steering technology

* Dual 10-inch four-way two-drive design

* Beam point steering with full frequency band

* Can achieve ease focus simulation and compatible with fir maker

High-end woofer KS-S218

Smallest dual 18-inch woofer in the industrial

* Woofer with double 18-inch energy and single 18-inch size

* Push-pull sixth-order band-pass structure

* Can achieve ease focus simulation


High-end point sound source KS-10H

Broadband pointing control, the best partner for line fill

* Dual 10-inch three-way single-drive design, rated power 600w

* Controllable 800Hz-16kHz horizontal and vertical orientation

* Adopt the same coaxial mid-high unit as the KS-210 line array

* Maximum sound pressure level 135dB

* 55-20KHz

High-end point sound source KS-14F

Three-way coaxial structure, the most natural point sound source

* Unique 14-inch three-way coaxial speaker

* Controllable 800Hz-16kHz horizontal and vertical orientation

* Excellent uniformity and high-mid frequency performance


Performance MIR processor

FIR+IIR filter fusion

* Automatic equalization function (AEQ), intelligent optimized system

* Automatic calculation of optimal data based on room acoustics

* Can directly import SMAART data optimization

Dynamic equalization and dynamic compression

* Dynamic equalization technology that conforms to the "Equal Loudness Curve"

* 8Dynamic compression function with moderate sound hardness

* Suitable for various high-end performances and conference venues sound reinforcement



Successful Cases

Ethiopia Afar National Regional State Finance & Economic Development Bureau

In addition to the professional sound system designed for the theater, the conference system, LED display screen, stage lighting, video conference, central control matrix and so on are also designed.