Cloud PA System for Small Application Scenarios

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The cloud PA system is a set of PA system solutions for small application scenarios.

Application : schools, kindergartens, communities, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, etc.


Using network, APP control, high fidelity and low delay.


What is the status of the industry?


Cloud PA System Diagram


System Management: APP Full Function Management + PC Assisted Management


APP Full Function Management

User-friendly APP interface design, good operating experience, full-function management such as device management, timing programming, task control, APP mobile access (WiFi/3G/4G/5G) to improve system management flexibility.

PC Assisted Management

Through LAN access, music library update, firmware upgrade, data backup and other batch operations.

Broadcasting Services:Zero Delay Broadcasting + Audio Mixing


Zero Delay Paging

Microphone has convenient functions such as partition list, permission login, custom shortcut keys and so on. It can realize zero delay paging broadcasting for any partition.

Zero-delay Acquisition and Playback

With 48Khz sampling rate and non-destructive acquisition, it supports the acquisition of wireless microphones, mixers or third-party sound sources, and supports the application of zero-delay acquisition and broadcasting sound reinforcement service.

Audio Mixing

Support digital mixing of broadcasting audio and network background music to meet the needs of outdoor activities such as broadcasting gymnastics, flag raising and sports meeting.

Fire Linkage: Fire Alarm + Emergency Paging


Fire Alarm

App is equipped with alarm port of alarm collector through mobile phone, which is linked with fire alarm system trigger signal to realize fire alarm broadcasting. When alarming, alarm broadcasting is automatically given priority.

Alarm Status

App remote alarm status can be checked to make timely emergency response measures.

Emergency Paging

Administrators call the alarm area urgently to guide the evacuation of the crowd.

School Solutions

Application in Primary and Kindergarten

- Ring  bell

- Broadcast Gymnastics

- Courseware, Audio File Playing

- Background music playing during class

- Information Release, Broadcasting Notice

- Broadcast of school sports meeting and temporary activities

- Fire alarm

- Emergency Paging