Stage Lighting System for Theatre

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System Introduction

Theater Stage lighting system is a specially designed for the opera house, star hotel, conference center tailor-made stage lighting system. The use of functions to meet a variety of artistic performance of the flexible lighting needs, to ensure the holding of large and medium-sized conference lighting and television live broadcast video requirements, the design of the full consideration of lighting and stage machinery, so that the scientific and reasonable distribution of light. The whole system pursues practical economy, safe and reliable.

Function Introduction

1. Create the free space of the stage light, can adapt to all kinds of lighting requirements

2. The lighting system can continue to operate, and can adapt to future performance development, on the basis of existing lighting system to reserve the appropriate expansion space

3. The system has excellent anti-interference ability and safety

4. Introduction of various types of new control equipment and new lighting equipment

5. Signal transmission system has high security, anti-interference ability, large transmission capacity and decline

6. High dimming precision, natural heat dissipation design.

Applicable Scenarios

Gymnasium, Opera House, Auditorium, Star Hotel, Banquet Hall, Conference Center