Multi-function Hall Central Control Matrix System

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System Introduction

It adopts the macro control central control system with the highest grades, the most mature technologies, the most complete functions and the most versatile applications at home and abroad to realize the centralized control of various electronic devices in the multi-function conference room.

At the same time, it also realizes the perfect integration of the multimedia display system, multi-room audio system, environmental system, and intelligent multimedia central control system.


1. Easy to operate, extremely user-friendly and intelligent

2. Reliable System, stable performance and safety

3. Intelligent control, "one-click positioned" control model

4. Ability to process audio and video signals quickly, enabling simultaneous or asynchronous full crossover switching of audio or video signals

5. Control the lighting and curtains of the venue to meet the needs of the venue environment in real time


Multi-function Halls, Meeting Rooms, Banquet Halls, Opera Houses, Stadiums