TS-0604 Series Audio Conference System

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ITC™ TS-0604 Series Intelligent Conference System adopts tech. of digital audio transmission. With the help of official software, users could manage the whole system and control the schedule easily. Multiple functions is available, such as discussion, telephone conference, voting, camera tracking, simultaneously interpretation, etc. It mainly consists of highly integrated system host, conference microphone, and management software.

If you just want to discuss ……

Products Above are…

1) TS-0604M Intelligent Conference System Controller

2) TS-0602/TS-0602A Chairman/Delegate Conference Microphone

3) TS-16P-4 Series Audio Mixer

4) TS-200PI Precise Series Professional Amplifier

5) TS-8A Series Professional Speaker


1) When participants want to speaker, they just need to press the button named “MIC”

2) Chairman unit has the highest priority

3) 4 modes of conference management: First-in-first-out (FIFO)/Normal/Free/Apply

4) The host is with audio output for sound reinforce devices

5) Up to 128 speaking units are allowed, and if users want more, just add a expansion host so that the capacity of speaking units is up to 4096

6) With sound reinforce system

If you also need the tracking camera ……

You should add these devices below:

1) TS-0690 Tracking Camera Controller

2) TS-0691 Tracking Camera

3) Also, we have upgrade conference microphone to provide you with more function, it’s named TS-0627/TS-0627A


1) Participants could do voting, selection and grading

2) With the help from tracking camera controller, participants could see the speaker easily

If your conference is in international grade… …

You should add devices below:

1) TS-0670H 16 Channel Language Simultaneously Interpretation Controller

2) TS-0670HY Full Digit Interpreter Console

3) TS-0670HS IR Radiator

4) TS-0670HD-16 16 Channel language Receiver


Participants speaking up to 16 languages could attend the meeting with great experience

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