TV-8205E OPS Computer Module(I5)

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With built-in teaching software, it is used with smart interactive touch screens and smart blackboards to make teaching more convenient.


* Provide 5 shortcut keys such as writing pen, eraser, visual presenter, common tools, return to editing interface, which is convenient for teaching in classroom.

* Three-segment display structure, the left side is the subject resource function area, the middle is the common annotation tool area, and the right is the page turning function area; the menu and shortcut keys are at the bottom of the screen by default, and there is no height restriction for users, which is convenient for teachers and students.

* The menus and shortcut keys are all convenient for users to understand the functions and tools of the software in a short time and use it immediately.

* Support returning to the desktop with one key, support hiding downwards with one key to display the blackboard area only.

* The writing pen supports single-finger writing and three-finger roaming; no need to click with the pen, the roaming shortcuts can switch back and forth; support preparation mode, class mode and desktop mode.

* Support handwriting conversion to printed italics, support the normal recognition of continuous multi-word writing.

* Support converting hand-painted graphics into standard graphics, including circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, etc.

* The hand-painted triangle is transformed into a triangular ruler, the quadrilateral is transformed into a visual presenter, and the circle is transformed into a searchlight.

* Support various writing pen tools, including pencil, fountain pen, ink brush, line pen, highlighter, magic pen, texture pen, laser pen and object pen.

* Support the identification of a variety of mathematical formulas, including arithmetic, calculus, functions, sets, combinatorics, probability and statistics, vectors and three-dimensional analytic geometry, mathematical logic, etc. Support historical records query; the insert shortcuts supports functions of finalizing, erasing, correcting, undoing, and clearing; support setting the shortcuts on the left or right side; the writing area supports different display styles.

* After connecting to the network, it supports querying English words and sentences, supports translation between English and Chinese, supports Shanghai dialect and Cantonese translation, supports encyclopedia search query, Wikipedia search query, massive graphic search query, and supports preparation mode, class mode and desktop mode settings.

* Support saving or opening the file format as the standard format of the iwb interactive whiteboard software; support exporting to common file formats such as iwb\pdf\doc\ppt\jpg\png\gif\gif\tif\bmp\.

* Support file import whiteboard software, document format (ppt\doc\pdf) import, image file format (jpg\png\bmp\gif) import, audiovisual file format (wmv\avi\mp4\mov\wav\mp3) ) import, Flash file swf import.

* Support PPT file import annotation function. The left side shows the shortcut keys - select, pencil, eraser, previous page, next page, split screen, screenshot, black screen, back to whiteboard, etc. Support annotation, erasing, and turning page in the imported PPT playback state, support setting backhand eraser function, and support setting file recovery function.

* Built-in various teaching tools, such as writing pen, eraser, roaming, handwriting recognition, graphic recognition, tool recognition, field filling, timer, screen capture tool, text broadcast, spotlight, screen puller, magnifying glass, online search, ruler, 30° triangular ruler, 40° triangular ruler, protractor, compass, calculator, split screen, graph, mind axis, e-book, dictionary, math editor, math laboratory, physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory, phonetic symbol, screen recording, visual presenter, teacher-student interaction, desktop conversion, etc. Support customized teaching tool shortcuts, and saving and displaying in the three-segment display structure area for easy use by teachers.

* After the selection of different subjects, the whiteboard software teaching tools and the blackboard writing background will change accordingly. For example, if you switch the English template, an English dictionary shortcut will appear; if you switch the Physics template, a physics laboratory will appear; if you switch the Chemistry template, a chemistry laboratory will appear;

* The eraser tool supports the functions of large, medium, small, area erasing, object erasing, and screen clearing.

* The triangular ruler supports drawing a straight line along the ruler scale. When drawing a line, it has dual cursors to assist in displaying the scale.

* Support 2 split screen, 3 split screen, and 4 split screen settings, divide the writing area into multiple split screens for writing, 2 to 4 students can write at the same time without affecting each other; support using different pen colors to write at the same time in each area, support simultaneous operation with eraser and pen.

* Built-in mathematical experiment tools, support freely drawing points, line segments, curves, and graphics in the coordinate system; support rotating line segments and graphics into three-dimensional 3D graphics, you can zoom and rotate, and query the front view, top view, left view, and perspective view of the geometry; provide a teaching resource platform for each textbook version, including Chinese, mathematics, English, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, and history.

* Provide an online primary and secondary school question bank, more than 100,000 questions, covering primary and secondary school Chinese, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history and other subjects; support teachers and students writing papers and do homework online; support online generation and download of doc test papers and answer sheets; support displaying students' knowledge points mastery in smart charts and continuous screening of students’ learning weaknesses and difficulties through formative evaluation; support automatic performance tracking, statistics and ranking; support teacher comments, statistics and analysis of paper exams; support parents login to learn about their children's learning, such as teacher comments, exam results, and homework; provide whole series of primary and secondary physics, chemistry and biology simulation experiments.


Operating system



I5-8400T (6 cores and 6 threads, clock speed 1.70Ghz), chipset: intel®H110 Express, Core display: Intel® HD Graphics 630



Hard disk

256G SSD

I/O interface

HDMI: 1 x HDMI (HDMI-Max. 3840 x 1920); VGA: 1 x VGA (VGA-Max. 1920 x 1080); LAN: 1 (RJ45. Gigabit); USB: 3 x USB 3.0, 3 x USB 2.0; Audio: 1 x AUDIO OUT, 1 x MIC IN

Extension interface

1 x Mini-Pcle, 1 x Msata

Input voltage

DC 12~19V


180 x 195 x 42 mm