TS-9100N Network Central Controller

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With full compatibility and traditional programming mode, it can realize intelligent network control. It supports IOS/Android mobile devices for centralized control. The product adopts industrial grade design, which is safe and reliable.


* Standard 19-inch cabinet design, 2U height, the front panel is made of black oxide wire drawing process, neat and elegant.

* With a 4.3-inch LCD touch color screen, the user can check the IP address and modify the IP address.

* Fully support network control, with network interface; support multiple IOS platforms (iPhone/ipad), Android platforms and other mobile device terminals to communicate with the controller through WiFi.

* The programming methods of mobile device terminals such as IOS platform (iPhone/ipad) and Android platform are fully compatible with traditional touch-screen programming methods. There is no need to re-learn new programming methods, and it is extremely convenient to upgrade and replace.

* Support the bidirectional feedback function of the operation status, and the control execution status of the equipment can be seen at a glance.

* Adopt programmable control platform, interactive control structure, Chinese and English programmable interface.

* Using the latest 32-bit Cortex-A8 ARM architecture embedded processor, the processing speed can reach up to 720MHz.

* A large number of highly integrated processing chips are used, and the elegant LAY OUT makes the system run very stable and smooth.

* Built-in 256MDPR and 8 GEMMC large-capacity FLASH memory.

* With 8 independent programmable serial ports, used to send and receive RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 signals.

* Support serial port loop-out function, any 8 serial ports of the controller can realize that any input can be looped out from another serial port.

* With 8 independent programmable IR infrared emission ports.

* With 8 digital I/0 input and output control ports with protection circuit.

* With 8 weak current relay control ports.

* With a NET network control interface, used for external function expansion, and connect 256 network devices in parallel.

* Fully support third-party equipment and control protocols, and support user-defined programming to set any control protocol or control code.

* Support 1 TF card interface, realize the program import or export in the project.

* Embedded intelligent infrared learning function module, no need to configure professional learners.

* The infrared code library of various commonly used electrical equipment can be imported to the controller to realize the control.

* Support multiple network central controllers to achieve cascade control to achieve the effect of interconnection and mutual control.

* Adopt international popular SMT production process.

* Support full standard environmental protection power supply (110V-240V), suitable for any region.

* The panel has indicator lights, which can directly feedback the working status of serial port, infrared and equipment.

* Support the power control of audiovisual and lighting equipment such as curtains, lights, air conditioners, projectors, projection screens, TVs, LED displays in conference rooms or lecture halls by mobile terminals or touch screens, and support the acquisition of the working status of the IoT central control and peripheral equipment, and support scene switching (such as projection mode, conference mode) of the internal environment of the conference room.

* Support the realization of volume adjustment/mute control/scene invocation of audio processor devices by mobile terminal or touch screen, remote control of matrix device signal switching/scene invocation, remote control of cameras turning up, down, left, right, zoom in/out adjustment/preset invocation, remote control of lighting brightness adjustment and other functions.

* Support connecting with the conference reservation system, realize mobile APP control or web page control, and realize the connection of the human sensor to the central control system through the I/O port to transmit the judgment result (whether there is someone in the conference room) signal, and feedback to the conference system to realize intelligent control of whether to end the conference in advance (release the occupied state), intelligent linkage control to close the conference room equipment, to achieve the effect of energy saving and maximum utilization of conference room resources.

* The central controller uses the statement-based programming method, with good control compatibility, connected to the central control cloud service platform. It can easily and quickly access the command protocol converted from the voice collected by the smart voice speaker, and forward the voice-to-text command to the central control through the smart voice speaker pickup; it can be linked with the peripheral equipment of the central control to support voice control of the air conditioners, audio volume, curtains, lighting, cameras, TVs, central control scene switching and other functions.

* Support scanning the QR code generated by the cloud platform through WeChat, and realize the control of the central control system through the WeChat applet; support setting password permissions.

* Support dual-system hot backup function, when one central controller fails, another can undertake the service. Thus, the continuous operation of the system is automatically guaranteed without manual intervention.





32-bit Cortex-A8 ARM architecture microprocessor, the clock speed is up to 720MHZ


256MByte DDR3 RAM, 8 GByte EMMC Flash

Serial port

8 terminal modules, each module has 7PIN headers; support RS-232, RS-485 and RS-422 signals

Infrared IR port

8 terminal modules, 16PIN pin headers

I/O port 

8 terminal modules, 9PIN header, with protection circuit, support 0-5V digital input signal

Weak current relay port

8 terminal modules, 16PIN pin header, normally open independent relay, rated 1A/5V digital signal

NET port

1 terminal module, 4PIN pin header, support NET control bus, provide DC24V/2A output power

Packaging method

Metal cabinet, rack mounted installation

Input power

110~240V 50~60Hz


Control System Builder, Chinese and English interface


484×236×88mm (L×W×H), 2U height



Power consumption