TV-814F WIFI Projector Interactive Equipment

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ITC WIFI Projector Interactive Equipment



* USB WIFI projector supports windows and mac computers. Through the USB port, the screen is wirelessly transmitted to the receiving end, and power is supplied at the same time. No software is required for one-click projection. Support anti-touch control of the computer plugged.

* Support long-term stable reception of mirrored video streams from Android, IOS, Mac OS, and Windows 7/8/10 systems.

* Support Mac OS system and Windows system to display what it is on the controller in reverse, and support touch control.

* Android mirroring screen and online video playback support sound transmission. Android supports mirroring back transmission.

* Host mode supports projection control without computer WIFI.

* Support Windows computer and Mac computer projection, support mouse acceleration function.

* Built-in Bluetooth on the receiving end: When the Android phone screen mirrors, it can play online videos or online music; it can also be connected to a Bluetooth speaker for sound amplification.

* Support dual WIFI, internal and external network isolation function: dual WIFI technology guarantees that the mobile phone can still access the Internet when it is connected to the hotspot; And we can also choose internal and external network isolation. The screen transmitter projects through hotpot, and accesses the internal and external networks through wired or WIFI, which effectively guarantees the security of visitor information.

* Support the automatic upgrade function of the receiving end: it can update the built-in program and the projector upgrade package in time through the network when plugged.

* Multiple projection modes are equipped to meet various demands, preemption mode and exclusive mode can be switched at will. We can set a dynamic screen code to prevent accidents. We can set vertical screen mode on phone for full screen projection.

* Built-in annotation function. We can make real-time annotation on the screen, which can be saved to the local and shared through u disk or mobile phone QR code.

* With administrator function, administrator client software. Through the software, we can easily control the up and down screen.

* Support web management background. We can select batch online devices for setting and deployment at one time

* Support screen statistics: operator, time, offline time, etc.

* Support automatic email alarm for equipment failure.

* Support automatic restart function: built-in real-time clock module to ensure that the system time can still be normal without Internet. Built-in onboard super capacitor, it keeps the time running normally though power off 7x24 hours; it can be set to restart automatically when no projection in the early morning, to ensure that the device can operate effectively for 365 days without power off .

* Compatible with Miracast and WiDi functions. After the receiver runs certain built-in programs, it can support Miracast for Android phones and WiDi for laptops without Android software.

* Support code scanning projection via mobile phone: Connected to the LAN, the Android mobile client can directly project by scanning the code; Connected to the LAN, and the Apple mobile client scans the code and automatically connects. And only one device is projected by Airplay to avoid the mistaken connection.

* Support cross-segment projection when the receiving controller and the transmitting end are in different network segments: Support Android mobile client, Apple mobile client, Apple computer client, Windows computer client. These common devices can support projection across network segments;

* Support server-free 8-bit projection code, which is convenient for small conference rooms; support 6-bit projection code that requires setting up a server. The projection code of a specific conference room can be fixed according to the actual situation for easy management; the screen projection code supports dynamic changes; the server can be deployed in the cloud or built on the customer's intranet.

* Remote centralized control unified management: Quickly check device information and device usage status in the background; manage batches of wallpapers, screensavers, greetings and other templates; export device statistics reports with one click. If the device goes offline, it can notify the manager by email immediately.

* A maximum reception of 8 projectors and 4 split screens. If there are more than 4 input signals, it will follow the FIFO principle.




USB projector (standard 4)


Supporting systems

Windows 7/8/10, Apple Mac


720P ~ 1080P

Frame rate

Audiovisual 18 ~ 30 frames

Overall delay

100 ~ 200ms

Transmission distance

30m without cover

Display mode

Support for extended desktop (Windows 7/8/10)

Touch reverse control

Support 10-point touch (Windows 7/8/10); support mouse mode (Mac)

Wireless rate

Transmitter 300Mbps

Wireless transmission protocol

IEEE 802.11 a / g / n / ac

Frequency band

5.8G, multi-channel selection

Authentication protocol


Upgrade method

Controller upgrades projector through USB

Conference mode

Host mode: Host can touch the screen list to select the designated projection PC. Participant mode: whoever presses the projection button gains control

Wireless projection of mobile phone


5G Hotspot and 2.4G WIFi can work at the same time. We can also access the Internet during projection

QR code projection

Scan the QR code on the Android client and project

Cross network segment

Under the same LAN, it can project between different network segments


iOS 8 and above, AirPlay mirrored screen, support multi-screen streaming mode

Android phone

Android 5.0 and above.Withl USBDisplay app, it supports screen mirroring , and support synchronous sound transmission (exclusive in the industry)

Unique MiraPlay mode

No need to install APP.  Support Miracast, AirPlay, USB wireless projection


Rotation mode

Support 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree screen rotation

Dynamic password

Android APP projection, AirPlay, Windows software projection support dynamic password protection


Gesture erasure. support sharing by QR code

Video output

HDMI audiovisual output

Real-time clock

Built-in super capacitor, it supports normal operation for 1 week after power failure

Scheduled restart

Support scheduled restart function to ensure that the device runs all year round without power loss

Other applications

Welcome words, file browser with classification function, screen saver

Router mode

Support 2.4G and 5.8G AP for projection

Video decoding

Support H.264, H.265, VP8, RV, WMV, AVS, H.263, MPEG4

Decoding resolution






Infrared touch


Capacitive touch


System version

Android 7.1


ARM Cortex A7 x 4





Video output

1 HDMI output

TF extension

MAX extension of 64G

Infrared remote control




HDMI output resolution

1920x1080 60Hz

Power supply

DC: 12V

Maximum power


Dimensions (L * H * W)

160 * 122 * 22mm

Net weight


Operating temperature

0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Operating humidity

10% ~ 90%; no condensation

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