TS-0650 Recording Host

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The fully automatic eight-position recording and broadcasting system adopts integrated hardware equipment, embedded Linux operating system, B/S architecture design, highly integrated embedded HD video capture module, recording module, live broadcast module, image recognition and tracking module, guide switching module, Image segmentation and splicing module, local echo output module, realize video live broadcast, intelligent guide broadcast, high-definition recording, touch screen control, image recognition and tracking, etc. It’s the latest generation of multimedia information recording and dissemination equipment that we independently developed, to meet the demand for quality education video, online learning, interactive teaching, etc. in the education industry.


* Integrated hardware device, embedded Linux OS, highly integrated system module for image recognition tracking, automatic navigation, live broadcast, on-demand, acquisition, recording, video statistics.

* The video adopts H.264 High Profile encoding mode, which is a pure hardware DSP method to collect, encode and transmit high-definition video signals.

* Supports up to 8 video signal inputs, supports HDMI/3D-SDI/IP, and supports 8-channel network camera video signal input.

* It has 4 HD camera SDI signal inputs and 3 HDMI signal inputs.

* Audio adopts AAC high-definition encoding mode, equipped with 3 3.5mm stereo audio input interfaces and 2 3.5mm stereo audio output interfaces, supporting 3 channels of audio input mixing output.

* Equipped with 3 HDMI video output interfaces to support the selection of output content.

* Support multi-stream multi-picture / single stream single picture / single stream multi-picture mode, the recorded file format supports standard MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV and MKV and other formats. And the customizable slice recording time is 30-120 minutes, which can seamlessly connect non-linear editing tools.

* Support multi-channel video signal recording, which can save each input signal as a separate file, and can customize the category for classified recording and classified storage.

* Support automatic recording function. After the recording of the scheduled recording schedule is completed, it will automatically record according to the scheduled time, and automatically produce the file name with information such as the venue, the presenter and the subject.

* Movie mode supports PVW and PGM dual screens, supports output switching effects when switching output display, and supports four screens, three screens, picture-in-picture and dialogue screens, and supports custom screen combinations to meet individual needs.

* Movie mode supports subtitle settings, with two default templates, users can customize the subtitle display content.

* The mode of switching between movie modes supports software and hardware for manual remote broadcast, and can also be used for automatic guided broadcast switching with the automatic navigation module provided by the host.

* Support custom add header and footer function, support uploading custom title, and customize the length of its display.

* With VOD on-demand module, online video playback, pause, jump and other operations can be performed through the network.

* It can cooperate with third-party FTP file server to automatically upload backup files. And provide FTP server tools to quickly build a file server, the courseware is automatically sent to the file server. File uploads and downloads automatically adjust bandwidth to prevent network congestion.

* Support the user's group management function, each user can be assigned its account number and password. After the user is authenticated and authorized, the user can watch live and on-demand files, and it has group management function to ensure that the corresponding users can only access the corresponding courseware.

* With the remote control of the control panel, the input source screen monitoring or the input source screen can be switched by clicking the panel button, and the host can perform recording and recording mode switching, start recording and stopping, special effect switching and camera control.

* The recording and broadcasting system has a custom RTMP stream function, which can be streamed and docked to a third-party live broadcast platform for live broadcast.

* The host comes with 2TB of storage space, with automatic upload and timed upload to the specified FTP file server. Recording courseware can be stored for up to 2,000 class hours, supporting the frequent use of devices for more than one year.

* With 2.2-inch LCD screen, to display system hard disk space, version number and recording status, IP address and other device information.

* The recording and broadcasting host has an encryption algorithm to ensure that the copyrighted machine needs to be activated to have the right to use, and to support the authorized using date.

* Recording host support software central control, fill in the central control command in the recording and recording management interface, you can use the interface for central control operation, docking other devices to support one-key central control instructions.

* Using the most advanced tracking algorithm, by detecting the vertical movement of the contour of the face, ignoring the other activities of the students, the accuracy rate reaches more than 90%, and intelligently presents the "focus" of the classroom.

* There is no need to install a tracking aid analysis camera to achieve image recognition tracking. It can adapt to students of different heights, which is great for classes with younger students and big height difference.

* With LAN port and RS-232 interface, it can operate the rotation and zoom of up to 8 PTZ cameras at the same time. And support image click tracking, one button to get in place.

* The recording host can communicate with multiple classrooms at the same time in the lecture room, and the recording host can switch between the main mode and the listening mode.

* The recording and broadcasting host supports the control through the wireless remote control, and supports the recording and stopping functions of the recording and broadcasting through the remote control. The remote controller supports 2.4GHz transmission, and can be used as a teacher's teaching page turning pen through the remote controller, which is convenient for teachers in daily use.

* The recording host supports one-button reset function to avoid file corruption, loss of IP address, loss of administrator password and system failure.