Control Card TV-885E3

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Product Model TV-885E3
Sensor support Temperature / temperature and humidity / noise
Display interface 2 groups of 50 PIN interface
Two specifications: RS232 and USB type, standard 100M network port and USB type
Remote control function Program selection / screen lock / brightness adjustment / switch machine / screen test
Communication Interface 100M Ethernet port / RS232 / RS485 / USB, can be customized RS485
Adaptation range A variety of color / dual-color LED display
Program type Normal program / shared program
Storage 4MByte
Dimming 16-level brightness, time-sharing brightness support / software to light / remote control brightness
Remote switch Support automatic timer switch / software switch machine / remote switch machine
Working Voltage 5V (3.5V ~ 6V wide working voltage)
Maximum power ≤2.5W
Working temperature -40℃~80℃
Control points Single-double color 1024K points: 8192*128 4096*256 2048*512
Clock display Lunar / Analog Dial / Clock in English -Chinese (both groups support multiple display)
Hyun moving background Not support
Border display The most advanced bright magic show frame / area border
Area type Graphic / Subtitle / Animation / Lunar / Time / Analog dial / positive and negative timing / temperature / temperature and humi
The number of programs Support 512 programs, each program is divided into 32 regions
Software function Group Cluster Management / Multiple Program Editor / Multi-Zone Display / Multilingual Version