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i5 is ITC's small-size universal receiving card, its size is only 68 × 36mm. i5 uses DDR2 SODIMM interface, which can be easily integrated into the adapter board or display unit board to achieve a highly integrated display module. It is convenient for design of display panel and structure. In addition to all the features of the current mainstream receiver card, i5 supports 32 RGB parallel data output, which can conveniently support normal use of Led display system.


* Single card supports 32 sets of RGB signals parallel output.

* Ultra-thin size, convenient for box design.

* Single card supports 256 × 256 pixels.

* Support high-precision color, brightness integration point-by-point correction.

* Support any scan type between scan 1~1/32.

* Support DC3.3V ~ 6V Ultra wide working voltage.


Product Model TV-81RI5
Chromaticity correction Support
Chip support Conventional chips,PWM chips and all other mainstream LED driver chips
Scanning method Regular mode and high refresh mode,Support refresh rate multiplication
Scan type Any scan type from static to1/32 scan
Cable direction Support wiring from Left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top
Supported module specifications Any row ,any column within 4096 pixels
Number of data sets 32 sets of parallel RGB full color data
Module point selection Support module point selection
Data fold Support any fold from 1 to 8, with a significant increase in refresh rate
Control system parameters
Single card control area Full color:conventional 256 x 256
Cascade control area 65536 x 65536 pixels
Grey scale Max 65,536 gray scale
Arbitraray switching of network parts Support,arbitrary use regardless of input and output
Display module compatibility
Compatible transmission equipment Gigabit switch, gigabit optical fiber transceiver, gigabit optical fiber switch
Interface type and physical parameters
Data exchange Arbitrary exchange of 32 sets of data
Communication distance Cat5e≤140M; cat6≤170M; Optical fiber cable is unlimited
Card size L*W:68 x36 mm
Rated current 0.5A
Weight9 5g
Input voltage DC 3.3~6V wide voltage
Brightness correction Support
Rated power consumption 2.5W
Working temperature -25℃~75℃