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TS-9106M is an excellent audio adjustment device. It connects to central controller via RS-232 serial port to achieve the adjustment of volume and mute of stereo.


* Volume control module for 4 channels independent audio channel.

* Support balanced line-level audio input / output.

* The panel includes a keypad, and it supports manual control with LED indicator.

* Control Methods: It not only works with programmable central control controller by R232

protocol , but also full supports third-party devices.


Product Model TS-9106M
Power Consumption 1.8W
Size 484 x 209 x 44 mm
Power Specification ~110-240V 50/60Hz
Frequency Response 80Hz-16KHz (-3DB Minimum)
line-level audio output
Input port 5.8 Cord End Terminal supports balanced
Output port 5.8Cord End Terminal supports balanced
Input Impedance of Volume Channel 680Ω
Output Impedance of Volume Channel 10Ω Total Harmonic Distortion: -85dB
Input Level 2VPP
Noise -85dB
Weight 3.22Kg
Sound channel separation -90DB Mute: -104dB
Uniformity 80Hz-16KHz ±0.2dB
Attenuation Range 0-76DB (Non mute, Maximum)