T-7801 IP PA System Terminal

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1) Professional cabinet type 1 channel network audio decoder ;

2) Installed in low voltage room or sub-control room of PA management area, which could be connected to 2 power amplifier and control the power supply of amplifiers.


1) Standard 19-inch rack design, black brushed alumina panel;

2) Based on Luna cloud; with excellent security and stability; support continuously working of 7x24 hours;

3) Built-in 4.3 inch LCD screen, and using 21 industrial-grade metal buttons;

4) With 2Gbyte SSD; support remote server management; support background download in limited bandwidth and auto download in free time to decrease the loan of the network; the media library supports the function of offline auto playback;

5) With USB port to read USB storage device in capacity of up to 4T ,which could play audio files;

6) With Micro SD(TF) slot to read SDXC in capacity of up to 128G, support 128G/SDXC card, for user-friendly audio program changing;

7) With the function of IP audio decoding to achieve high-quality digital audio transmission; 2 power output to be connected to amplifiers; the interface with the function of intelligent management, when no signal input, it would cut off the power supply of the amplifier; with the function of programmable pre-open;

8) 2 channel 3-wire forced switching output, to realize 3-wire volume control switch for alarm mode without having DC 24V forced switching power and the quantity of volume control is unlimited;

9) With 2 network port to support exchange expansion mode and redundant backup mode and the speed is up to 1000M;

10) Various network access method, including DHCP access, ADSL access, fixed IP address access, etc;

11) Built-in 24Bit professional sound card to realize hi-fi playing, and the audio stream is up to 768Kbps;

12) With 2 Line input, 1 Mic input, and 1 EMC input; with internal digital preamplifier; support user-customized priority; With 1 monitoring Mic to realize multiple function, such as self-detection, working ambient monitoring, attendance checking for duty officer, etc;

13) Built-in 2 independent Line output to be linked with external power amplifier; connecting outer PA; with standard headset jack to monitor audio and reinforce sound;

14) With 2 short input and 2 short output which could be user-customized; could realize short signal collection, alarm trigger, and the linkage with the third-party fire alarm or monitoring system;

15) With 2 power output which supports intelligent power-saving and pre-open management to ensure reliable and energy-saving working;

16) With 2 forced switching output; volume control could be switched forcibly when paging and emergency happens;

17) With 1 button to restore factory settings;

18) With a group of RJ45 expansion port to achieve expansion for functions and operation;

19) Powered by electric supply and seamlessly switching backup power at DC 24V to support continuously working of 7x24 hours.

Technical Parameters



Power Supply

AC 190240V /50Hz; DC 24V

Network Interface

2 Groups of RJ45

Transmission Speed


Support Protocol

TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(Grouping Broadcast)

Audio Format


Audio Type

16 Bit Stereo Sound in CD Level

Sampling Rate

8K to 48K

Bit Rate

8K to 768Kbps

AUX Input

2 Group

AUX Sensitivity


Mic Input

1 Group ( front and back or 3.5mm interface)

Mic Sensitivity



Support USB Storage Device of Up to 4T, Load<0.1A


Support SDXC of Up to 128G

Power Consumption


Standby Power Consumption


Frequency Response

20Hz to 20KHz ±1dB





Short Input

0V/3.3VSupport dry contact input

Short Output


Extension Interface

RJ45 x1 Special Device Interface

Working Temp.


Working Relative Humidity

20%80%, no condensing