itc Railway Audiovisual Solution for Guangzhou Baiyun Station

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Guangzhou Baiyun Station has officially begun operation with a total investment of 44 billion yuan and a total area of 2.63 million square meters.


As a large-scale comprehensive transportation hub in China and even across Asia, it will further improve the transportation capacity of Guangzhou's railway hub. It is of great significance for constructing an international comprehensive transportation hub city and promoting high-quality development in the Greater Bay Area.

01 Station Public Spaces

itc fully leverage professional expertise in the field of digitization and information systems to provide the station with a comprehensive solution. itc intelligent systems are installed in every corner of the station.


Considering the large passenger flow at high-speed railway stations, itc has carefully completed the installation of the railway PA system in station's internal area to comprehensively improve the station's order, strengthen the emergency response capability, and ensure the safety of passenger.

Additionally, itc outdoor PA system has been applied in the external public areas of the station. The landscape speakers, with clear sound, wide transmission range, strong penetration, professional waterproofing, can play background music and emergency announcements.


The self-developed Z-DT network audio transmission technology by itc has professional-grade sound quality and extremely low latency of 5 milliseconds. Whether it is voice broadcasting or background music playback, it can present clear and delicate sound effects, providing passengers with a comfortable auditory experience.

Automatic Volume Adjustment

itc railway PA system is equipped with a built-in noise detection module, which can automatically adjust the volume of broadcasts in the station area based on the noise detection results of the surrounding environment. It also supports mixed plug and hot swap of boards, enabling maintenance and inspection without the need to disconnect power during operation. Different types of boards can be plugged without specific slots, and the cabinet can automatically identify the type of board inserted.

More Convenient Announcements


itc railway PA system not only provides passenger services such as weather forecast, convenient transfers, ticket inspection, and public announcements, but also can interface with the signal system (ATS) to provide real-time updates of station information, train schedules, and so on, providing passengers with the latest and most accurate information to help them better plan their travels.

Quick Emergency Linkage


itc railway PA system monitors the safety conditions inside the station in real time. In case of an emergency, it automatically triggers the station's emergency plan, guiding passengers to evacuate in an orderly and prompt manner, providing more comprehensive and efficient security for the safe operation of the station.

02 Station Meeting Rooms

itc provides intelligent applications such as HD recording system, paperless conference system, remote video conference system, and professional sound system for the station meeting room. It features clear and smooth display, efficient paperless office, clear and loud sound, and accurate capture of meetings.

Since the opening of Guangzhou Baiyun Station, its operation data has been remarkable. In just 40 days, the cumulative passenger arrivals and departures at the station reached 2.233 million, with a total of 4,471 train arrivals and departures, fully demonstrating its strong transport capacity.


itc will continue to leverage professional strengths, strengthen the development and innovation of intelligent transportation products, promote the high-quality development of transportation, and contribute to the construction of a more intelligent, efficient, and safe transportation system.