Xinjiang Prison, China

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ITC™ IP Intercom System

T-6702 Remote Paging Microphone *2

T-6702R Specified Software

T-6703E IP Intercom Terminal *n

Let’s start the true story. We have an old and nice friend who is the senior official of Xinjiang Science and Technology Agency. We cooperated with him before and he felt satisfied with our system and appreciated our honest.

In May of this year, he was appointed to build up IP Intercom System for most of prisons in Xinjiang. And he remembered naturally that our company has this kind of system so that he invited us to bid.

During the process of bidding, our main competitor was Lonbon (a brand in China). But their system was half-digit. So the transmission distance, system delay, and the sound quality were unstable factor. I don’t intend to offend but it was ture. In stark contrast, our system was full digital.

Product List

1 T-6702 Remote Paging Microphone *2

2 T-6702R Specified Software

3 T-6703E IP Intercom Terminal *n

This point, I have to introduce some of the advantages of our system. First, each device is built in DSP so that it’s easy job to achieve communication of full duplex, multilateral, and even function of Public Address System.

Second, during the process of dialoging, echo and noise are cancelled. The CD level sound quality would not be interfered by radio, for it’s transmitted in digit. What’s more, the bandwidth is low to 34Kpbs and the delay is less than 30ms.

Third, it is running on IP network. It could be also used as Public Address System and the broadcast is played following the program manager to preset via PC. Each terminal is individual, for they have their own IP address so that each terminal could play different sound.

Next, the system could work with the third-party system easily, such as fire alarm system, other Public Address System, etc.

As leading manufacturer of audiovisual system, we think highly of communication security. We adopt latest codec tech to prevent eavesdropping. Last but not the least, It has well expandability. When needed to expand the system, users only need to add various terminals without limit.

Let’s talk back, Xinjiang Science and Technology Agency thought that our system is cost-effective and high performance so that they made up their mind to purchase and install our system. In the meantime, they also make some request. One of our terminals named T-6703E integrates multiple devices, such as speaker, microphone, one-button for alarm, one button for dialogue, monitor etc. They asked us to make it to separate structure and to add a wall speaker to the set. Due to we had our Dept. of R & D, our engineers tried their best to meet their demand. Therefore, we both felt pleasure about the cooperation. The whole project involved funds of $ 600,000. More to our surprise, the senior official said that he’ll continue to support our company. It’s a successful story.