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ITC Digital IP network broadcast system applied to Chengxi Xing zhi Primary School, Xining City, Qinghai Province

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Chengxi Xinzhi Primary School, Xinging City, Qinghai Province was established on September 1, 2006. In the learning and practice activities, the school highlights the characteristics of vitality, and runs Mr. Tao Xingzhi’s educational philosophy throughout the entire process of learning and practice activities. The school closely centers on the carrier of “seeking scientific development, promoting education, promoting the spirit of knowledge, and running schools with distinctive characteristics”, highlighting the “Tao” character and has achieved preliminary results.

Customer requirements & solutions

Xingzhi primary school adheres to the theme of "Tao", highlighting the flavor of "Tao". The school has done the prescribed action without deviation and the optional action has its own characteristics, and made the learning and practice activities presents the distinct "Xingzhi" characteristic. The school focuses on educating people through love and carrying out a series of activities such as a speech contest themed "The dedication of love", and carry forward Mr. Tao xingzhi's dedication spirit of "Coming with a heart, leaving without half a blade of grass". In this way, teachers can care for every student with their words and deeds, and students can also follow the example of teachers.

The school has always taken quality-oriented education and all-round development as its educational goal. In order to better develop Xingzhi Primary School, promote the construction of educational information, increase the soft power of education in Chengxi District, and strive to build Xingzhi Primary School into a modern first-class brand school, Chengxi District commissioned ITC to design a set of digital IP network broadcasting systems to upgraded the school.

Solution Overview

ITC digital IP network broadcasting system applied by Xingzhi Primary School as a new generation of digital IP network two-way intercom system with advanced digital audio, two-way intercom, hands-free intercom, emergency call, remote call, music broadcast, emergency broadcast and other advanced functions. It solves the problems of large transmission area, difficult transmission, and high loss of audio signals, ensuring better system transmission quality and more stable systems.

This broadcasting system mainly covers Xingzhi Primary School: office building, teaching building, laboratory building, gymnasium, outdoor playground, outdoor public walkway and other areas. The main control equipment is installed in the broadcasting room of the school. Meanwhile, a remote control call station and a sub-control client are installed in the leadership room, the broadcasting room, the guard room, etc. This is convenient for staff and school leaders to operate nearby, no need to enter the broadcast room.

The system is mainly used in various public places on campus, such as regular ringing, school-wide activities, notifications, flag raising, setting-up exercises during the break, broadcast of music between classes, advanced praise, convening the school assembly, and entrance exams, etc.

Customer Feedback

1. The whole system operation interface is easy to learn, and the regular playback function is very user-friendly and very convenient. Unified management can be realized in the office, breaking the traditional analog broadcasting, which requires complicated button programming in the machine room.

2. The broadcast microphone is convenient to speak. It can be broadcast in different regions and the whole region without going to the broadcasting room.

3. The system has stable performance, low failure rate, and simple maintenance. It also has terminal fault warning function, which makes it more convenient for managers to know where the failure occurs, so as to monitor the working status of terminals in each region in real time.