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ITC™ Contributes to Tong An Public Security Bureau, Hubei Province, China

ITC™ Contributes to Tong An Public Security Bureau, Hubei Province, China

There are 28 secondary sessions, about 500 person in Tong An Public Security Bureau. AS it had been rated as "Outstanding Units in Target Responsibility Assessment 2015", they are excellent in public security prevention and control and social stability maintenance.

Tong An Public Security Bureau project include 6 conference room: 1 huge command hall, 1 command & decision room, 1 multi-function hall and 3 general conference room. We make a precise and detailed plan successfully which mainly based on our rich construction experience.

Tong An Public Security Bureau

ITC  Microphone and Wall Speakers

ITC Conference System Apply to all Meeting Room

4 conference modes ensure good communication in Bureau

With 4 conference modes (FIFO, Normal, Free, Apply) management, it has shown flexibility and fluency during all conference.

Strong capacity for load enhance public security reaction efficiency

1 system controller supports up to 128 units and up to 4096 units via the expansion controller, which make a more effective and reasonable conference.

Touch button & “Hand in hand” connection make emergency meeting smooth

“Hand-in-hand“ connection method could facilitate the installation and maintaince; on the other hand, using touch button make the operation very simple and convenient.

EQ & noise reduction module to convey more scientific and accurate public security information

The system controller is built in EQ module and noise reduction module so that the sound quality is clear and natural without using external sound processing devices.