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Dongmen Pedestrian Street in Shenzhen, China

Dongmen Pedestrian Street in Shenzhen, China

                            --- ---with IP Public Address System

Dongmen Pedestrian Street is the most famous commercial street of Shenzhen City. When in holiday, the daily flow is over 1 million. Therefore, the street really need the advanced public address system to convey message, to play BGM in regular and to evacuate the masses when the emergency happened. ITC™ decides to serve the street with IP Public Address System which runs on LAN, Cross Gateway LAN and Internet, for the street covers a large area. And engineers of ITC™ divides the area into 5zone to realize public address for designated zone.

For conveying message and Playing BGM in regular, IP Public Address System uses DSP sound processor and supports multiple audio format ofMP3, MP2, AAC, and WAV so that the street is surrounded by clear and natural sound. For to evacuate the masses, IP Public Address System is with powerful network adaptive capacity and with much low delay of 0.1s. When suspicious person found or the emergency happened, administrators send alarm message or evacuate the masses effectively.

In general, the administrator think that the system is with Hifi sound quality and it’s easy for them to install and use while having much low failure rate.