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City security control center Wuyuan in Jiangxi, China

City security control center Wuyuan in Jiangxi, China

City security control center Wuyuan in Jiangxi, China

TS series Conferencing System

Professional Sound System

We have just finished our project at Wuyuan city security control center at Wuyuan County, Jiangxi. This project used our TS series Conferencing System for discussion and Professional Sound System for sound reinforcement.

Project Overview

The project consists of two areas, one is the main control center, we provide discussion and speaking for all the seats and sound reinforcement system for audio solution to this 450 square meter room.

The Second is a Small Meeting room beside the Control center, 35 square meter, the end user use this room for daily discussion. We provide conference system and a few amplifier and Speaker for sound reinforcement.

Detail Introduction

When Wuyuan Control center starts the bidding for this project, they are looking for a full audio solution for their center and meeting room. They need discussion and voting system in the main center, which can hold a public meeting and Press conference for 12 speakers, and daily announcement and Paging. Also a smaller conference system for the board managers in the private meeting room. As the one of the top conference system manufacturer and supplier in China, the system integrator came to us for such a solution.

Our Project engineer Come up with the solution for main Control center 450 square meter as follow.

Many other Peripheral equipment has not listed in the table, such as Mixer,  amplifier, Speaker line and Connector.

Solution for the Small meeting room 35 square meter as follow:

Final result