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Power Company in Qinghai Province, China

Power Company in Qinhai Province, China

Qinghai Electric Power Company

Video Conference System

The Electric company in Qinghai have 4 power system department located in different places, each about 50~60 square meters the company wants an economic and practical video conference system for daily meeting that is fast and can use to do Presentation with the Headquarter, about 100 square meters.

Detail requirement include

1. Holding Government Conference of all departments.

2. Each Sub meeting room can use to do presentation and discuss matter with any other Sub meeting rooms.

3. For Emergency meeting, every sub meeting room can connect within minutes.

4. Any Meeting room can give Remote Knowledge Training to any other room or rooms

5. Must have hardware encoding and password for terminals.

6. Must have a central control system for all the audio, video devices and system.