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Chanakyapuri Subway Center, India

Chanakyapuri Subway Center, India

Chanakyapuri Subway Center, India

IP Network Public Address & Intercom System

Client Requirement

The system shall control 10 partitions. What he mainly concerned about was the failure detection system. When failure aroused, there must be mechanism to trace failure and to show it in the visual interface via software. What’s more, the system shall have the function of priority. In case a conflicting situation aroused, the station or user key with top priority would override the others. And the sequence of priorities shall be programmable and determined on-site as well as off-site.

Our Solution

Product List

1) T-6700R the official software of the system x1

2) T-6701 IP network audio terminal x10

3) T-6702A IP network paging console x8

4) T-2S240 2 channel power amplifier x75

5) T-770 outdoor unidirectional speaker x1200

6) TS-205 Signal distributor x10