TS-9121 21.5 inch touch screen- picture in picture

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TS-9121 is one 21,5 inch desktop capacitance touch panel, match with programmable central control host, HD resolution 1920x1080P, elegant appearance, support wired connection, particularly applicable to anti -leaks place, capacitance touch mode, the front panel of toughened glass is explosion-proof waterproof splash, support programming pictures, graphics, tests , 2D / 3D buttons and so on more humanized interface, support picture in picture display.


1.The product appearance design is fashionable, beautiful and elaborate, the internal wiring is safe and tidy.
2.Capacitance touch screen, anti-scratch glass material, not affected by the pollution source, with eye protection function.
3.Use 15 x 18MM aluminum frame and silver wire drawing effect.
4.Use 3MM toughened glass, and explosion-proof and dust proof.

5.With anti-theft device, can be used in any public scene.

6.Wire trunking with tidy wire arrangement

7.Sensitivity: can be reaction for less than 2 ounces force, can response for less than 3ms.