TV-LP108-YX Ultra-thin LED screen TV(108'')

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This LED TV is a product developed for commercial use (large, medium and small intelligent conferences, smart classrooms, product launches, press,etc.). It has seamless, perfect display, long service life, fast frame change speed and high refresh rate. , uniformity, wide viewing angle, high gray level, natural color reproduction and so on.


● It adopts full-die casting ultra-thin panel splicing and fixed base (customizable portable base).

● Infrared touch function.

●  seamless splicing

● The display panel is flexible, flat and smooth.

● The fault only needs to maintain a single LED pixel or module, easy maintenance ,low cost and high speed.

● With ultra-wide viewing angle display and the screen is still very clear at any viewing angle.

● With ultra high refresh rate, good screen consistency and high picture fluency.

● The image is delicate and realistic, and the gray level is still excellent under low brightness.

● Good protection performance, avoiding the influence of dust and other factors.

● Support PC, WIFI, 4G, Bluetooth, infrared control.

● Supports image correction, adopting gamma correction technology to achieve point-by-point brightness and color correction.

● Support ultra-HD display, using unique image quality enhancement technology to effectively improve image clarity, high-speed picture smooth without smear.

● Supports the detection of operating environment temperature, humidity and brightness, automatically adjusts the brightness of the display, improves the comfort of the picture, and saves energy and electricity.