TV-81OS4 S4 HD Transmitter Box

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* With strong video signal receiving capacity, it supports DVI, HDMI HD signal input; maximum receive 1920 × 1200 pixel HD digital signal, with 4 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs, A single card can support a large screen with a max width of 4096 pixels or a height of 2560 pixels..Specifications

Product Model TV-81OS4
Real-time adjustment parameters Adjust Gamma value, control area, control parameters. WYSIWYG
Transmission distance Over CAT5 cable ≤ 140M; CAT6 cable ≤ 170M; fiber optic cable unlimited
Network port splicing 4 network ports can achieve any up to down , down to up or left to right, right to left splicing, in pixels
Data transmission format In accordance with Gigabit Ethernet frame format, and additional CRC
Specifications 1U standard cabinet
Brightness and color temperature adjustment Support
Receive video area Can preset any location for the receiving video sources
The number of network ports 4 Gigabit Ethernet port
Gigabit Ethernet port output Gigabit Ethernet port output
Network control area Single transmitter maximum load area 2.3 million pixels, max support width 4096 points, or height 2560 points
Intelligent detection system Supports DVI video interface information detection,transmitting card temperature monitoring.
Button Adjust Brightness button To real-time adjust the brightness and saved in the transmitting card automatically
DVI information indication Indicate the frame rate, blanking and clock information, used to diagnose graphics and video processor status.
Configuration parameters Interface USB 2.0×1
Human-machine interface Human-machine interface
Rated power consumption 20W
Weight 2kg
Input voltage AC 100 ~ 240V wide voltage
Dimension Dimension
Video source frame rate Standard 60Hz, and can automatically adapt to the frame rate
Input resolution Support max 1920*1200 resolution, Supports any input resolution within this resolution value than 1920*1200
Video source interface Video source interface
Interface Type 1×DVI+1×HDMI+1×HDMI_LOOP