Combined Loudspeaker TX-1510

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Product Description

* The box is made of birch with small size, light weight and wear-resistant painting.

* It consists of two 15"ultra low frequency units, two 10" low and medium frequency units, and four 1.7" high frequency drivers,with high sensitivity and strong penetration.

* Frequency divider in precise design to optimize power response and MF vocal performance.

* Using combined line array design,and allowing 0-14 degree range adjustment speaker coverage area; With the advantages of compact, light, easy and quick assembly.

Scope Of Application

The product has wide range of applications, and it is used with TA professional amplifier and Pre processor. It is suitable for outdoor moving performances and sound reinforcement, large multifunctional hall, conference hall, etc.


Product Model TX-1510
Power bass 800W+ Full frequency 600W
Sensitivity 101dB
Nominal Impedance bass 4Ω/ Full frequency 16Ω+16Ω
Ffrequency Range 45Hz-20KHz
Ultra Low Frequency Loudspeaker 15
Medium Frequency Loudspeaker 10
Horizontal Coverage Angle (-6db) 110°
Vertical Coverage Angle (-6dB) Vary with the size and inclination angle of the linear array
Dimension (H×W×D) Full frequency (275+220)×500×355 mm
Bass 440×700×800 mm
Weight 53.5kg