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TS-9100 intelligent central controller is ITC's well-developed multimedia central control system with powerfully programmable ability and communications control ability. It is configured with 32-bit embedded processor of basic frequency max 533MHz, built-in 8M memory storage and 16M FLASH storage, to be high-speed computing complex logic instructions; It provides a

site-programmable configuration mode for users to customize system according to the demands. It is with highly integrated chip to support to the CPU, allowing a variety of complex arithmetic

and control to run smoothly. Imitated by American power carrier wave communication solutions X10, it is unique designed with power carrier wave communication in this industry to fulfill a

more fluent communication control and system extended. It is a revolution in the control mode of intelligent center control system.


* Programmable control platform, the English programmable interface for option, interactive control structure.

* Using the latest 32-bit embedded processor , processing speed up to 533MHz.

* Extensive use of highly integrated chip, elegant LAY OUT, system run very stably and smoothly.

* Built-in 8MB RAM and 16MB FLASH memory storage.

* 8 independent programmable interface , to send and receive RS232, RS485, RS422 format data.

* 8 independent programmable IR infrared transmitter port.

* 8 -channel digital I / 0 input and output port, with protection circuit.

* 8 -channel low current relay control interface.

* 3-channel NET interface to extend the peripheral equipment.

* Embedded intelligent IR learning module, not necessary of professional learner.

* Extensible hard IR learning function to facilitate the customer to replace the infrared device without re- programming.

* Support dual-code control, namely one key two codes.

* Adopt international popular all SMT technology.

* All standard environmental protection power (AC110V-240V), suitable for any area.

* Support wired/wireless touch screen.


Product Model TS-9100
Package metal rack, rack-mount support, 2U height
Software Control System Builder, the Chinese & English interface optional
Power supply ~110-240V 50/60Hz
Max. power output of NET interface (24V/2A) 48W
Dimensions(L x W x H) 484 x 303 x 88mm
Weight 4.44Kg
Power Consumption 5W
Memory 8M SDRAM, 8M Flash, expandable to 32M
Processor 32-bit ARM microprocessor, 210MIPS, up to 533MIPS