T-7805 Wall Mounted Terminal with Screen and Amplifier

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Installed in room, classrooms, guest rooms etc. to do remote and local broadcast.


* Professional wall-mounted design, easy for installation.

* 4.3-inch true color LCD screen, graphical interface display, with touch screen of stalinite, flexible operation by infrared remote control

* Graphical volume adjustment interface, you can adjust the volume of network program, the local MIC, the local AUX.

* Display the current broadcasting audio, timed broadcasting, equipment status information, IP address, MAC address, etc, in the screen.  The user can stop the broadcasting audio by pressing one button.

* Based on Luna cloud server, with high security and excellent stability, support 7 × 24 hours of uninterrupted work

* Rich network access way, including DHCP automatic allocation of access, ADSL smart dial-up access, fixed IP address access, etc.

* Built-in mini fan for heat dissipation, low fan noise and high high cooling effect

* Built-in 2 x 10W fixed-resistance output power amplifier module. Good sound quality, higher efficiency

* Support intelligent energy saving and pre-open management, to achieve energy-saving and ensure that equipment to be reliable and stable.

* Built-in 8GByte SSD, support for  server remote management, support automatically download function on limited bandwidth or idle time free download, to reduce the network burden, can set media library file to offline automatic playback

* Integrated USB and Micro SD (TF) card interface, maximum support 4T USB storage devices and 128G / SDXC card, to achieve audio file play, USB, TF card, media library content can be freely on demand broadcast to approval terminals

* With dual network interfaces, supports switch expansion mode and redundant backup mode, full rate connection up to 1000M, support cross network and cross routes.

* Integrated 24Bit professional sound card, can achieve excellent audio effect, the highest audio stream is up to 768kpbs.

* 1 channel AUX audio input, 1 group MIC input, 1 way EMC input, built-in digital preamplifier, support user-defined priority level; 1 channel monitoring MIC, to achieve equipment test, monitor work environment and duty assessment.

* Built-in 1 channel Line Out has independent audio output, can connect external amplifier, support standard headset interface, to achieve audio monitoring, headset microphone sound reinforcement

* 2 short-circuit output, 2 short-circuit input, supports flexible customization, you can achieve short-circuit acquisition, alarm triggered, local media library music playback, texting, email, popup reminder function, electronic door locks, fire alarm , monitoring and other third-party devices and platforms.

* Support short circuit to restore factory function, which is easy for system maintenance and management.

* Support different users to switch and login, customize the user function and permissions.

* Support checking information about devices status and management equipment on the backstage WEB.

* Wide voltage range supply + DC 24V backup power without time interval, provide the terminal with 7 × 24 hours power.

* The system supports remote hardware updating to the terminals, no need to go to the local terminal site, save a lot of maintenance work.

* With the sound pressure trigger function, when the detection environment volume continues to exceed the preset sound pressure range, the specified terminal can be automatically triggered to play local media library music, pop-up window reminder, recording, sending mail, etc. according to a preset scheme.