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78 Series IP Intercom & PA System

Product List

(A) Server


(B) Paging Microphone


(C) IP Audio Terminal


(D) IP Intercom Terminal


(E) IP PoE Speaker



1) Cloud-based Architecture: 3 mode is optional.

(1) 1 server mode/main and backup server mode: support up to 10,000 terminal and 2,500 real-time task;

(2) P2P server mode: support up to 300,000 terminal and 150,000 real-time task;

(3) Converge mode: support up to 1,000,000 terminal and 500,000 real-time task;

2) Wireless Technique Air Play: luna cloud-based system is integrated with Air Play; Every device with the function of Air Play like mobile phone and pad could be connected to the system conveniently; Air Play is with lots of advantage, such as multiple terminal playing the same program, music information display, etc;

3) Latest Communication Technique with Super High Confidentiality: the system uses communication protocol Ipallocator which has independent intellectual property rights and is based on SIP; the protocol support security encryption communication protocol SSL so that our system could be applied to intercom system of government and enterprise;

4) SM Public Address: the system server communicates with mobile phone via SM module; when emergency happens, the server would send SM to the designated mobile phone; and the mobile phone could do SM public address;

5) Mange via Wifi: administrator could manage the whole system via the mobile phone with our official APP; administrator is able to call any program to 1 or multiple terminal, to control the playing state remotely;

6) Offline Public Address: using the terminal or backup terminal with the function of offline playback to ensure playing background music normally even in offline; the terminal is built in large storage and timer chip to achieve offline playback